Wicked Deeds

Simone Ridinger - 1977 - MA

May 3, 2022

This episode covers the missing persons case of Simone Ridinger. She was a young woman from Sherborn, Massachusetts who disappeared from the nearby town of Natick on Labor Day Weekend back in 1977. During the production of this episode, we were lucky enough to speak with three individuals involved in this case. Detective Godinho of the Sherborn PD, Detective Haswell  of the Natick PD, and Betsy Bailey, Simone’s sister, all of whom you’ll hear from.  


It should be made clear that this investigation has become that of a recovery mission, and more than anything, detectives, along with Simone’s remaining family, seek to bring her home, so that she may be properly laid to rest. Please reach out to authorities with any information you may have, big or small, in regards to what happened to Simone Ridinger on Labor Day Weekend in 1977. Contact information for Sherborn and Natick Police is listed below. 


Sherborn PD, Detective James Godinho: 508-653-2424 

Natick PD, Detective John Haswell: 508-647-9500


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