Wicked Deeds

Sheree Magaro - 1987 - MD

August 2, 2022

Today we’ll be discussing a case where a young woman, freshly engaged to her new fiancé, raced home in an attempt to beat a treacherous snow storm. But when she hadn’t been seen or heard from by the following morning, her friends and family feared the worst. Later that morning, shortly after receiving an anonymous tip, police located the female's abandoned vehicle, riddled with evidence of a struggle.


As authorities uncovered numerous clues throughout their search, one thing became clear… that the victim within the vehicle, could not have survived this attack. With the hunt for a potential killer now underway, investigators felt the pressure of not only locating their suspect, but also, finding the still missing woman. Now, over 30 years later, perhaps with the collective impact of citizen detectives and public assistance, this terrible tragedy can finally be solved. 


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