Wicked Deeds

Michael Kleiman - 2008 - NY

June 14, 2022

Today, we’ll be covering a case where a report of smoke coming from a wooded area off the highway revealed itself to be something far more sinister than first responders initially believed. With their investigation unfolding, authorities soon discovered that a well liked man, who had seemingly no enemies, had been brutally murdered.


As Police continued to search for the person responsible for this senseless execution, rumors of a potential motive began to swirl, prompting members of the local communities to fear they may be next. Now, over a decade later, Detectives working the case have asserted that they have very specific questions that need answering, and with the public’s help, they may be able to finally apprehend the monster behind this vicious crime. Today’s case, is about the murder of Michael Kleiman.


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